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​​welcome to the cidscann network

The CIDsCaNN Network has been developed to provide a collaborative environment involving major IBD Centres across Canada where Canadian paediatric IBD specialists can synergize with each other and with basic scientists, all committed to the goals of understanding pathogenesis and optimizing treatment of IBD.

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Click here to get a copy of the book; IBD Doesn't Define Me. This book is a collection of stories from patients living with IBD and their struggles and triumphs when coming to grips with their diagnosis. 


Pediatric IBD patients, their families and clinicians from across Canada came together to inform the Top 10 research priorities in Pediatric IBD. To view the top 10 and learn about the project click here.

In early 2017, we came together for a final priority setting workshop where the top 10 questions in pediatric IBD were chosen. Below is a slide show featuring pictures from that meeting.